About Semler Health

I trained in cardiology at the Mayo Clinic. I know hearts.

After my training, I dedicated my 50-year career to helping my patients learn how to prevent a future heart attack or stroke. When I retired, I developed Heart Club to reach even more people and simplify their hypertension management. 

When a treatment plan is complicated, I discovered, my patients were less likely to stick to it. Focusing on one achievable goal—walking—is a smart approach to heart health. 

I also speak from personal experience. I struggled with hypertension, so I began walking five or more times a week. I lost 40 pounds, which can also help lower blood pressure. As a result of my new lifestyle, my blood pressure went down—and stayed down. And yours can too.

 ⎯Dr. Herbert J. Semler, MD, MSc, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FACI

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