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We keep it simple.

Heart Club counts your steps so you can improve your heart health.

We believe healthy living should be as easy as possible. Heart Club doesn’t have dozens of bloated features or a complicated app structure. There’s no learning curve, and nothing to figure out. 

All you have to do is open the app and create an account. Right away, it starts logging your steps. To add a blood pressure reading, click “portal,” then “add,” and type the numbers. That’s it! See the Features page for more details. 

(To make it even simpler, get 20% off an Omron blood pressure monitor—it will log your BP readings in Heart Club automatically.)

I trained in cardiology at the Mayo Clinic. I know hearts.

After my training, I dedicated my 50-year career to helping my patients learn how to prevent a future heart attack or stroke. When I retired, I developed Heart Club to reach even more people and simplify their hypertension management. 

When a treatment plan is complicated, I discovered, my patients were less likely to stick to it. Focusing on one achievable goal—walking—is a smart approach to heart health. 

I also speak from personal experience. I struggled with hypertension, so I began walking five or more times a week. I lost 40 pounds, which can also help lower blood pressure. As a result of my new lifestyle, my blood pressure went down—and stayed down. And yours can too.

 ⎯Dr. Herbert J. Semler, MD, MSc, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FACI

Are you ready to walk for heart health? 

Download Heart Club today. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to boost your heart health.

Download the app

Heart Club’s features are simple and easy to use.

Improve your heart health without feeling overwhelmed.

How to track your steps

If you’re signed into the app, then it tracks your steps automatically. You don’t have to do a thing. Just walk!

How to log your blood pressure

Click the menu symbol, then click “Semler Portal.” Then hit “Add” and record your information (systolic, diastolic, and pulse).

You can also view your past recordings or set a custom range. You can see your monthly stats or check if there’s a downward trend since your last doctor visit.

How to link your BP monitor to the app

If you have an Omron home blood pressure monitor, it will connect wirelessly (using Bluetooth) to Heart Club. Then you don’t have to manually input your numbers. (Get 20% off an Omron monitor.)

How to print your BP reports

You can print a blood pressure report directly from your smartphone, if it is connected to a printer. You can also access your report online at semlerheartclub.com on your computer. Click the “Download Report” tab at the top of the page. Then you can easily share your records with your doctor.

Download Heart Club

You can start using these simple, easy-to-use features in just a minute or two. If you ever have any problems with the app, please feel free to contact us.

Download Heart Club

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