Why Weight?: The Only Place You Win By Losing

Loving all the tips we’re sharing? You can find them and much more in our book “Why Weight?: The Only Place You Win By Losing!” Having spent over 70 years practicing cardiology, Dr. Herbert J. Semler, M.D. gives us the gift of his knowledge and experience in this short but thought-provoking read. Emphasizing the importance of weight control as one of the biggest causes for heart disease, Dr. Semler takes you on a heartfelt conversation about your health and longevity. By reading this book, you will learn about how obesity affects heart health and is now recognized as a disease that affects over 110 million people in the United States alone. Focusing on the prevention of obesity and its connection to heart disease in a way that is accessible and memorable so that you can learn about new ways to improve your heart health. We are all the authors of our own story so why not start tomorrow off with the steps towards a long, healthy and happy life by caring for our hearts!

You can find our book in our store or below!

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